1. General provisions
1.1. Website www.academy.taro.lv (hereinafter – the Website) of Fenomen, SIA, unified registration No. 50203303631, legal address: Riga, 21A-11 Elizabetes St., email address: academy@taro.lv (hereinafter – the Company or “we”) is using cookie-files.
1.2. This cookie policy is developed with the aim to provide information to the visitors of the Website about the cookies used, the purposes and procedure of using them.

2. What is a cookie?
2.1. A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded and saved on your computer or other device (e.g. smartphone or tablet), and saved in your browser during the visit of the website. Upon each next visit, the cookies are being sent back to the website of their origin or any other website that recognises these cookies. The cookies serve as memory of the particular website, allowing it to remember your computer or any other device during the next visits, as well as are capable of remembering your settings (e.g., language settings) or make your experience on the website more convenient. Cookies have various purposes and existence terms.

3. Purpose and legal grounds for generating cookies
3.1. Our Website is using cookies in order to ensure the functioning and convenience of use of the Website, to gather data on the statistics of visitors and the information about how the visitors are using the Website, in order to adjust the operation of the Website to the needs of the visitors, remember their settings regarding the cookies, provide adjusted information to the visitors about our services.
3.2. The essential cookies are placed by default. Regarding other cookies used on the Website, we ask for your consent. Upon providing consent in the cookies window that appears when you visit the Website, you choose whether you allow us to use certain categories of cookies.

4. Types/categories of cookies and their application
4.1. The cookies can be divided into several types/categories.
4.2. Depending on the period when any cookie is operating in the end-user’s device, there are the following types of cookies:
4.2.1. “session cookies”: these cookies are intended for data gathering and storage when user accesses the Website. The session cookies will exist only during the browsing session and will be deleted upon closing the browsing session. Each browser’s session starts when you open the browser window and ends when you close it;
4.2.2. “permanent cookies”: these cookies are not being deleted upon closing the browser window; they remain in the user’s device for a certain period of time after the end of the Website browsing session. These cookies allow the device to remember your settings and actions on the Website and apply them the next time you visit the Website. During their period of operation, these cookies are activated every time you visit the Website.
4.3. Depending on the purpose of application of cookies, there are the following types of cookies:
4.3.1. “essential cookies”: these cookies are essential, they ensure proper operation of the Website and its basic functions, and allow the user to access various parts of the Website. The Website cannot function correctly without these cookies. These cookies are necessary for the operation of the Website, therefore they cannot be disabled, and therefore your consent is not required for this category of cookies;
4.3.2. "preference cookies”: these cookies enable the Website to remember the information that changes the way the Website is displayed or operates, for example, allows to remember your preferred language or the region of your location. Your consent is required for this category of cookies. If you decline application of these cookies, the Website will not be able to remember the information the preference cookies enable it to remember, and the use of the Website will be less convenient, but the Website will still work;
4.3.3. “statistical cookies”: these cookies allow recording of the number of visits of the Website and the origins of the visits in order to measure and improve the operation of the Website. These cookies help us understand what pages are the most popular and what pages are visited the least, as well as how the visitors navigate through the Website. Your consent is required for this category of cookies. If you decline application of these cookies, your visit will not be included in our statistics, but that will not limit your actions with the Website;
4.3.4. “marketing cookies”: these cookies are used to identify your favourite content on the Website and provide you with the most suitable information about our services, improve adjusting of our content and expand your actions on the Website. These cookies may be used for our advertising campaign purposes on the websites of third parties. Your consent is required for this category of cookies. If you consent with the application of these cookies, we will be able to receive also the information from the websites of our partners, where you have interacted with our advertisements. If you decline the application of these cookies, you will be offered less personal advertisements of more general nature.
4.4. List of cookies used on the Website (as on 01.04.2023.):
4.4.1. Essential cookies:

4.4.2. Preference cookies: as on 01.04.2023 are not being used.

4.4.3. Statistical cookies:

4.4.4. Marketing cookies:

Consent to cookie use, revoking consent and declining cookies
4.5. When visiting the Website you will see a window with a notification that the Website is using cookies, their types and the options to select the desired cookies.
4.6. Regarding the essential cookies, the consent is not being asked, because these cookies ensure basic functions and operation of the Website and without them the Website cannot function correctly. Regarding application of other cookies, your consent is required.
4.7. If you click on “Accept all”, it will mean that you have given consent to application of all cookies on the Website and you confirm having read the information about the cookies, the purposes of their use, the cases when the information is submitted to third parties.
4.8. If you click on “Decline all”, only the essential cookies, for the application of which your consent is not required, will be saved. Keep in mind that such choice may affect the functionality of the Website.
4.9. You can adjust your choice by indicating the categories of cookies you agree to be applied and clicking “Save my preferences”.
4.10. Your decision regarding the application of cookies is saved for one year.
4.11. You can revoke your consent for application of cookies or change the allowed cookies at any time. In order to revoke your consent or change cookies settings, click on icon on the Website, which will open a window for revoking the consent or changing the cookies settings.
4.12. Upon cleaning the history of search in your browser, you can delete all cookies installed in your device. But keep in mind that in this case you may lose also some saved information (for example, the saved Website settings).

5. Other provisions
5.1. More information about the cookies, as well as what types of cookies are installed on your computer, how to manage or delete them is available at www.aboutcookies.org.
5.2. The company is entitled to amend the cookies policy at any time. All changes in the cookies policy will be published on the Website.
5.3. Should you have any questions regarding the cookies used on the Website and personal data processing, do not hesitate to contact us via email on: academy@taro.lv. Our Privacy Policy is available on our Website.



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